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Plywood kit for a 15' Garvey Discounts Apply !
10% off orders of 10 sheets or more
Plywood kit for a 15' Garvey

The plywood kits do not include the plans or the epoxy/glass!

GV15 - Precision Cut Plywood Kit

See this boat plans and epoxy kit at

The precut plywood kit includes all the plywood needed to build the boat as designed, excluding the center console. A standard center console can be included with the purchase of a kit for $ 75.00. A wider console is available as an option.
The kit is cut on a computer controlled router system (CNC numeric machining) for extremely accurate and precise panel creation. All parts are cut from 6mm and 9mm BS 6566 Meranti Mahogany plywood to the designer's specifications with assembly notches. Each panel is cut leaving a tab between the piece and the waste plywood. This allows for safer shipping leaving small tabs for the customer to cut out. Much like taking apart the pieces of models when we were kids.

Thanks to our self-locking assembly system, you put your boat together in a few hours as described in our building method description (you supply a few 2x4's to build the simple strongbacks). No need to measure, transfer dimensions and the precision is guaranteed. This means:

  • everything fits the first time.
  • a very short construction time.
  • the satisfaction of looking at a real boat hull in your shop after only one or two days.
  • no woodworking experience needed: ideal for 1st time boat builders.
  • fewer tools and less space required for assembly.

This kit is sold and manufactured by an outside company with our approval and support. This company has a proven track record with 6 years experience creating and selling cedar strip canoe, kayak and small boat kits. They will cut each kit to order and ship from upstate New York. If you are near by you may pick up your order right at the shop. As each kit is cut to order, shipping time will vary from 2 to 4weeks depending on your location and trucking time. Shipping of the kit to a commercial address is included in the price. A $ 75.00 shipping charge applies to all non-commercial addresses in the USA. Shipping of the console is free if purchased and shipped with the kit.
If the kit is picked up at the shop and not shipped via truck, deduct 10% of the price.

The kit is packaged as a pallet of full plywood sheets (see the tabs system described above): be ready to help to unload the truck.

Price: $1695.00
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